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Authentic ayurvedic preparation
for complete Female Health
Nari Arogya Sanjivani
Persistent issues led my doctor to conduct a sonography and it found a cyst in my uterus, though biopsy proved it to be benign, but my doctor advised to undergo surgery to have it removed. I was under so much stress and then my sister suggested Nari Sanjivani. I felt such difference completing a single course. Even my doctors were completely shocked to see the sonography results after two months, the cyst was almost gone and so was the need for surgery.
                                      -Alka Singh, 40 years
I used to spend whole month fearing menses. At times it used to come in 15 days and on other times even 2 months were without periods. I took some medicines but ended up having other issues with them. Then I started Nari Sanjivani and it completely regulated my cycles. Miracle just didn’t end there, even the perpetually present pimples on my face got cured, which I then realized were due to some gynecologic problem.
                               -Priyanka 26 years
I had spent a good part of my life thinking that in life of a female few physical difficulties are bound to be there for life and never went to a doctor in hesitation. But when I went into menopause phase, the problems increased manifold and then my daughter ordered Nari Sanjivani from Ahmadabad advising me that I must take this ayurvedic medicine continuously to go through menopause without any difficulty. And it really worked! I wish I had Nari Sanjivani before to reduce the pains I suffered all my life.
              -Smt Shanti Shah
I was always thinking why God put girls in this trouble. Problems used to start even before two days of my periods starting and then during periods, pain, weakness and irritability was unbearable…I was crying all day. My mother consulted some Ayurvedacharya and he advised Nari Sanjivani. By the time course of 45 days ended, I was so much better that I was doing all my regular activities during those days. Thanks to Nari Sanjivani!
      -Chandralekha Mukherjee (20 years)
Nari Arogya Sanjivani
Nari Arogya Sanjivani is a completely Ayurvedic formulation to treat  all common gynecologic ailments and to help females achieve increased energy levels to sustain the rigors of their hectic daily life.  It is a combination of more than 30 rare and selected herbs, which are known to regulate and strengthen the female reproductive system.   Nari Arogya Sanjivani is a safe and effective remedy for issues related to menstrual cycle, leucorrhea, heamorrhagia, painful urination, decreased energy levels, and stress and weakness related irritability.

Directions for use: 
Syrup:Take two spoons (3 mL x 2 ) twice a day after meals.
Tablets: Take two tablets twice a day after meals.

Useful facts: Useful in diseases related to uterus, leucorrhoea, heamorrhagia, painful urination, irregular menses, and low energy levels in females.
Precaution : Not to be consumed by pregnant or lactating women.